The Truth About Digital Advertising & Ad Fraud

MTEX Keynote from Nigel Bridges on Ad Fraud

MTEX Conference Keynote – Nigel Bridges.

In this MTEX Conference keynote, Nigel Bridges, Beacon CEO, discusses the need for greater honesty and transparency in digital advertising.

Just like in the Wild West where you’re not sure who to trust, in the online media world, untrustworthy data is everywhere.

Listen to Nigel’s honest view of the real impact and cost of ad fraud, a reliance on inaccurate metrics, and the growing lack of trust that ensues.

Learn to recognise the pitfalls and base your future marketing spending on actionable data insights that you can trust.

  • Understand the shocking impact of ad fraud on your digital advertising campaigns
  • Learn how to uncover the data you can trust

Watch this MTEX keynote recording to hear the good, the bad and the not entirely accurate of the digital media world.