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Learn what the bots are doing on your website.
Stop them with Veracity.

Veracity will anonymously track all visitors to your website, without gaining any identifying data about those visitors, to determine if the visitor is a bot or not.

Ideal for:

  • Fintech or banking – detecting for bot activity in account set-up, registration, or login.
  • Ecommerce – detecting for bot activity in the basket & checkout processes.
  • Online ticketing systems – detecting for bot led purchase for scalping.
  • Online quotation systems – detecting for bots involved in price scraping.
  • Any website owner – using analytics tools to understand how visitors are using your website.

“Veracity gives us knowledge that we wouldn’t be able to get from other sources, improving our website performance by disengaging bots at the earliest opportunity.”

– Brett Norton, The Ultimate Travel Club

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