About Veracity Trust Network

Veracity Trust Network has evolved from our digital marketing, ad fraud protection platform, and our experience of developing unique technology to detect and block invalid web traffic and malicious bots.

We believe that ‘proof of humanity’ in the transaction is a more certain and consistent approach to building trust in the digital world, rather than engaging in a never-ending war of ‘bot-detection’ attrition – with the criminal actors and bots often one step ahead.

Mockups of Web Threat Protection and Ad Fraud Protection dashboards on laptops

According to martechseries.com losses due to digital advertising fraud alone were estimated to be $35 billion globally in 2020, with indirect economic and social costs push the total closer to $40 billion.

Furthermore, they report that losses from digital advertising fraud have overtaken global annual credit card fraud ($27 billion).

Digital advertising fraud is a low risk / high profit crime, and this is what makes it so attractive to fraudsters. The proceeds often fund organised crime such as child sex exploitation, modern slavery, and human trafficking. We believe that there are significant benefits to be gained in reducing the economic, technical, and societal impacts of digital advertising fraud.