Veracity revamps client reporting for Shoo Social Media

Veracity revamps client reporting for Shoo Social Media

Veracity revamps client reporting for Shoo Social Media

“Veracity is easy to use and has great features which help us track social media campaign performance. It gives us the best analytic feedback for future campaigns.”

Shoo Social Media is an award-winning agency that works with clients to optimise their use of Facebook and Instagram for advertising, using their hard-earned experience of media buying and digital marketing to get a good Return on Investment for their clients.

The challenge

Shoo wanted a social PPC tool that would give them more in depth analytics, and something that the whole team could use no matter what their technical ability.

Social PPC tool saves time and improves campaign ROI ????

Shoo use Veracity to track the Analytics on their client social media campaigns and are saving hours on their end of month reporting, which is freeing up time to add more value to client campaign planning and measurement.

The Shoo Social Media team all love using Veracity as their comments testify:

“Veracity gives us the data we need to plan future campaigns and improve audience targeting on our Facebook ad campaigns.”
Mollie Phillips, Project Coordinator
“Veracity has saved us heaps of time each month on client reporting. Preparing reports manually, with in depth insights, can take hours; export this data from here, import from there… time consuming. Using Veracity cuts out a lot of that time.”
Chris Morris, Founder & Chief Vision Officer
“It works really well for any content marketing that we send out and makes it easier for generating reports.”
Rachel Hatfield, Founder & Chief Operations Officer