10X improve your Facebook campaign performance

Climb Online webinar – Lotta Eloholma and Stewart Boutcher.

Hear from Lotta Eloholma, Head of Social at Climb Online, as she uncovers the secrets behind their highly successful client Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Climb Online is the Digital Marketing agency co-founded by The Apprentice winner, Mark Wright, and Lord Sugar.

Then, buckle up for the next 15 minutes, as CTO and Data Lead for Veracity, Stewart Boutcher, shares some startling facts about ad fraud and how its impacting your Facebook campaign performance.

It will simply blow your mind when you learn how much ad spend is being wasted on bots and inflated impressions! You’ll get to hear some truly shocking figures gathered from Veracity client data (before click fraud protection was put in place) of paid campaigns that incurred 66% non-human clicks.

That’s a large sum of wasted ad spend and the savings and ROAS improvements that can be gained are just as huge!

You’ll come away from this 45 minute webinar (including Q&A’s) with clear, actionable tips that you can implement straight away to 10X your Facebook ads performance.